How can I grow my business network?
Make a list of all the credible and trustworthy businesses that you know in your local area. This could be your friends, family, or businesses that you visit as a customer. Search them on OneLinked App. If you see them on OneLinked, send them a request to “endorse” your business. If you do not find them on OneLinked, use “Refer Business” button on your OneLinked Business mobile App to introduce OneLinked. Ask them to download the App and “endorse” your business.

How can I grow my consumer base?
Business’ total consumer-base is primarily dependent on two factors: Your “Customer Likes”, and the “Endorsements” you receive from other businesses. As you get more customer “Likes” and “Endorsements”, you will see an exponential growth in your consumer base.

Do I need to provide my credit card information when opening an account?
No. All business accounts start at Business Basic level which is absolutely Free. If you decide to upgrade to a paid account upon reaching a consumer-base of 300, you will need to provide your credit card information for payment processing. If you decide to stay at the Business Basic level, you will not need your credit card info.

Why I do not see my friend’s business on OneLinked ?
There could be couple of reasons for this:
(i) Your friend’s business is not in your local network; OR
(ii) They do not have an account with OneLinked. You can use “Refer Business” button on your OneLinked Business mobile App to introduce OneLinked. Ask them to download the App and “endorse” your business.

How can I invite my friend who has a local business to join OneLinked ?
Go to your OneLinked App main screen.
You will find a “Refer Business” button. Follow the prompts.

What is the best way to get my customers “Like” my business?
There are many ways to get Customer “Likes”
(a) Send a text message to your customers requesting them to download OneLinked and “Like” your business.
For example: Please download OneLinked App and “Like” my business. You will see promotions from me as well as offers from other local businesses.
(b) If you are a retailer, you could offer a little incentive to “Like” your business. A coffee shop may offer a free coffee to customers as an incentive to download the app.
(c) Mention OneLinked on all your other marketing material and encourage the customers to “Like” your business. It is quite possible that the customers already have OneLinked app on their phone. They just have to “Like” your business.
(d) You can also display OneLinked brochures in your store.

What kind of incentives can I offer to consumers?
You, as a business owner, decide and customize the incentives that suits your business. You could offer Promotions and Loyalty Discounts.

Promotion – Buy One Get One Free, 50% off drinks between 2-5 pm, 10% off on specific service; OR
Loyalty Discount – 3% off on all the purchases; OR
Promotion – Realtor could offer a Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to their local consumers, Accountants could offer 30 minutes free consultation and insurance agents may offer free quotes.

How frequently can I change my offers – promotions, discounts etc ?
No restriction. As many times as your business needs.

Are there any limitation to endorsements?
Yes. You can only endorse a maximum of two businesses in each category. For example, you can endorse a maximum of 2 businesses in each business category. For example, you could endorse 2 Realtors; or 2 hair salons etc. This restriction is to control quality of endorsements.